About Us


Our Mission

The mission of Phoenix Recovery Services LLC is to address the stigma associated with behavioral health conditions by:

  • valuing the strengths and assets of individuals and their families who seek treatment from our agency;
  • respecting and celebrating cultural and other diverse qualities of each individual;
  • working in partnership with allied community providers to deliver quality individualized supports and services.
  • striving to make treatment meaningful by empowering individuals to have a voice in their treatment goals and decisions
  • requiring staff at all levels to treat individuals with respect, equality, courtesy, and fairness
  • providing services that recognize individual diversity and explicitly incorporate the age, culture and preferences of the individual and their family and/or natural supports in their individual service plan;
  • providing access to information about behavioral addictions and mental illness and treatment options;
  • providing treatment that is responsive to an individuals needs in the least restrictive manner and setting possible;
  • striving to offer services quickly and conveniently so the right services are available at the right time and in the right place allowing the greatest opportunity for recovery;
  • providing services with qualified staff who are both clinically and culturally competent;
  • formatting individual service plans as a result of a comprehensive assessment individual service plans are based on individuals strengths and natural supports;
  • representing behavioral health in the community as a treatable/manageable condition that an individual can recover from.