Personal Recovery Journey


Personal Recovery Journey

Personal Recovery Journey


Phoenix Recovery Services, LLC was founded in 1999 by Corky Hundahl.

Corky was born into a chemically dependent family. As a toddler it was not apparent there were substance abuse problems. However, as Corky became a young girl she began to realize her life was not like the lives of other children her age. Her life was becoming significantly altered by her parents alcohol abuse. An event at the age of 20, changed Corky's life forever. It was a late winter evening. Corky was at the family home with her young son. Her mother arrived home from a party and was intoxicated. Corky did not want her son to see his grandmother this way and left. An hour later the phone rang. It was Corky's father saying that Corky's mother was dead. The coroner said it was a mix of alcohol and Valium. For many years this event haunted Corky. There was anger at her mother because she had left too soon, and guilt that Corky had not stayed that night....Feelings that she could have prevented the tragedy were ovewhelming.

After many years of struggling with the effects of family drug and alcohol dependency Corky decided to enter the recovery field. In 1999, Corky graduated from Skagit Valley College with an Associate of Arts degree in Human Services. She served her internship at Skagit Recovery Center. In 2002, she purchased a small building in Mount Vernon and Phoenix Recovery Services, LLC was born. Initially Phoenix Recovery Services, LLC focused on intervention services. However, it soon became clear there was a need for more comprehensive services. Corky focused on becoming certified by the Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse and began offering full substance abuse treatment services. By 2005 Phoenix Recovery Services, LLC, had outgrown their original building and moved into their current location at 1601 East College Way.

Corky was nominated for the SWAN Woman of the Year Award in October of 2012.

Corky has been able to watch her recovery dreams come true, due in large part to the steady support of her husband Don.

Currently Phoenix Recovery Services, LLC offers quality substance abuse, problem gambling, and Suboxone-Opiate recovery treatment services.

We look forward to assisting you in your recovery journey.