Therapeutic Courts


Skagit County Public Health and Community Services partners with Phoenix Recovery Services, LLC to provide treatment services for three therapeutic courts:

DRUG COURT: This court allows felons who have charges related to drug and alcohol use to enter into an intensive 2 year treatment program. The program includes substance use disorder treatment, Moral Reconation Therapy, DBT, random, color code call-in UA’s, mandatory support group attendance, frequent court appearances, and recovery support services (RSS). RSS includes bus passes, phone minutes, housing and clothing vouchers, assistance with child care, and other services supportive of a clean and sober lifestyle.

FAMILY TREATMENT COURT: This court is offered to individuals involved with the Division of Child and Family Services. FTC is a partnership with Skagit County Superior Court, DCFS and Phoenix Recovery Services, LLC. Much like Drug Court, it is also very structured with full substance use disorder treatment, court appearances, random UA’s and recovery support services. Additionally patients in FTC receive parenting education through Bridgid Collins.