Youth Programs


Our youth program is facilitated by Stephen Londenol, CDP, BA, NCACI. Working with youth allows Stephen to help teens learn and develop positive and constructive skills to deal with life issues; which do not include using substances. He believes in a diverse approach to treating chemical dependency including Stages of Change, Motivational interviewing, Dialectical behavior Therapy, The Seven Challanges, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Stephen has also developed an Animal Assisted Therapy program with his dog Ari at various high schools. For youth who have not developed a substance use disorder, we use an early intervention protocol called TEEN INTERVENE. This is a best practice program from Hazeldon. It is a four session program that includes parents or caregivers. Additionally we offer an educational group once a month. Youth needing more intensive services are either placed in outpatient treatment or are assisted with access to inpatient treatment. The Teen Matrix Model curriculum is used for youth in intensive outpatient treatment. We offer incentive based treatment for youth to encourage regular attendance and full engagement in programming.